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Future Generation Computer Systems

A survey of economic models in grid computing
Aminul Haquea,∗, Saadat M. Alhashmia, Rajendran Parthiban b

Article history
Received 25 June 2010
Received in revised form
7 April 2011
Accepted 11 April 2011
Available online 16 April 2011

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Grid computing offers the network of large scale computing resources. Economic models are effective in
collaborating large scale heterogeneous grid resources that are typically owned by different organizations.
Not all the models provide same benefits for users in utilizing the resources. Similarly, the profit earned
by resource providers also differs for different economic models. We survey the economic models used in
grid computing since its inception until 2010.Wediscuss their advantages and disadvantages and analyze
their suitability for usage in a dynamic grid environment. To the best of our knowledge, no such survey
has been conducted in the literature up to now.

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